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The Club
  China Entrepreneurs Thought Club
  China Entrepreneurs Thought Club (hereinafter CETC) was founded in 1998. With the concept of “gather for thoughts” and “thoughts give rise to strength”, CETC is an entrepreneurs’ think tank providing theoretical guidance, strategic consultations and seniors' forums for Chinese Entrepreneurs.
  At present, it has over 3000 member enterprises, covering building industry, manufactory industry, transportation industry and others in total of over 20 leading industries. These industries could be state-owned, stock-sharing or private firms. Therefore the Club is a national entrepreneurs’ body with cross regions, cross industries and cross ownership.
  Over the past 15 years since it was founded, our Club has always uphold the idea of “summarizing, learning, innovating and developing” and constantly made theoretical innovation. We provide thoughts and theoretical guidance for Chinese entrepreneurs with internal references like Economy Today, Management Today, China Entrepreneurs Think Tank, and Core Reference and so on.
  Our Club has successfully organized 40 delegations with more than 1000 entrepreneurs to visit more than 40 countries successively accompanying President Xi Jinping and Former President Hu Jintao since 2004 which practiced the “Go Global” strategy of Chinese enterprises.
  Over the past 15 years, CETC has provided strategic guidance and consultations for China Top 500 enterprises such as China North Industries Group Corporation, China National Chemical Corporation, Wahaha Group, Ansteel Group Corporation, Weiqiao Textile Co., Ltd, Zhongyang Steel Co., Ltd and Zhejiang Zhongcheng Holding Group, etc.
Leading Thoughts
Yu Yanzhong
Secreatry General
^For our enterprises, the most important thing is to improve self-confidence and do not be frightened by the difficulties. We should pay attention to the strength of spirit and believe that the future of the world belongs to China. The future of China lies in economy while the source of future economy lies in enterprises and entrepreneurs!  ̄
!!Yu Yanzhong  July 2nd, 2014 
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