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Declaration of Xiamen---Power of Spirit Assists Chinese Dream

The Conference of Economy Today was held in Xiamen from October 24-28, 2014. More than 500 entrepreneurs attended this event to discuss the future development of Chinese enterprises.
In 2014, with the strategy of rule of law and leading by the culture implemented by the new leadership represented by Secretary General Xi Jinping, China has achieved stable development in areas of politics, economy and culture and gained higher status in world stage. Looking at the governing idea of the new leadership, we can find that many polices they make are rooted in traditional order and merits of Chinese nation which lasts for 5000 years. This spirit to rebuild tradition will become more powerful as China grows stronger.
Chinese President Xi Jinping chaired the literature and arts symposium in Beijing on Oct 15, 2014 and delivered a speech in which he pointed out that military literature and art workers should have the character of military and war, without that, there is no necessary for the existence of literature and art group in the army.
As the thought leader of Chinese entrepreneurs, CETC should also make their work has character of enterprise and thought.
 “Character of enterprise” means that Chinese entrepreneurs have the responsibility to adhere to integrity and abide by the law, create wealth, stabilize society and promote spiritual civilization construction. We should make great struggle and breakthrough to contribute more to society.
 “Character of thought” means that Chinese entrepreneurs should insist on learning, innovating, improve cultivation and pay attention to culture and inheritance. We should put interest of country, society and employee at first and make efforts to realizing the dream of common prosperity.   
On the occasion of the successful held of 6th Conference of Economy Today and accord with the trend of times with the aim of “learning, summarizing, innovating and developing”we put forward the following proposal:
Firstly, love of motherland. As Chinese entrepreneur, we should stick to correct view of history, nation, country and culture and strengthen Chinese people’s backbone and confidence. We do not favor that entrepreneurs take foreign nationality or hold foreign passports. The sleeping lion has awake. I am Chinese should be words come from the bottom of everyones heart.
Secondly, insist on innovation. Innovation is the spirit of a nation and every era. Entrepreneurs should insist on innovation, answer country’s call drive development with innovation, actively play the dominant role of innovation, form new source of growth and push forward healthy and continuously development of Chinese economy.
Thirdly, remember responsibility, adhere to integrity and abide by the law. Powerful country is the strong backing of development of enterprises. There will be no happy and rich family without strong country. Entrepreneurs should link their fate closely with the fates of the Party, motherland and people. They should adhere to integrity, abide by the law and never forget the conscience and responsibility of an entrepreneur.
Fourthly, carry forward excellent culture, pay attention to power of strength and push forward civilization development. Chinese nation achieved influential status in history because of the powerful appeal of Chinese culture, not because of its militarization or outward expansion. As Chinese entrepreneurs, we should constantly learn, advocate culture inheritance, pay attention to power of strength and apply traditional Chinese culture to operation and management of enterprise. We should think at higher level of thought and culture, strengthen the force of appeal and coherence and make contribution to pushing forward social civilization.
Splendid culture has been created through 5000 years of history and large quantity of treasure has left by business elites of all times. The great plan has been draw and what we need to do is to act now and put it into practice. Under the leading of new leadership, entrepreneurs should make vigorous efforts, make exploration and innovation, actively make use of the supporting function of culture, pay more attention to the power of thought and spirit, and fight for realization of great rejuvenation of Chinese nation and Chinese Dream!   
Presidium of CETC
Leading Thoughts
Yu Yanzhong
Secreatry General
For our enterprises, the most important thing is to improve self-confidence and do not be frightened by the difficulties. We should pay attention to the strength of spirit and believe that the future of the world belongs to China. The future of China lies in economy while the source of future economy lies in enterprises and entrepreneurs!
Yu Yanzhong July 2nd, 2014
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